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What is Health Tourism?

 Traveling of people from the countries where they reside to different countries, where they can receive qualified and more economic services, in order to be treated is called Health Tourism. The individual who travels for treatment purposes may also be called a health tourist in this trip. Millions of people from all over the world travel to other countries every year, in order to recover their health, and this trend forms the health tourism sector. The factors that cause the development of health tourism in the world may be listed as follows:

• Health services are expensive in the resided country
• It is desired to receive more qualified health services within a shorter time
• There are long waiting lists for treatment
• The treatment to be performed is excluded from insurance coverage
• The treatment is not approved by health authorities
• The treatment to be performed necessitates confidentiality
• Lack of alternative treatment methods
• It is desired to combine the treatment with holiday
• The proportional increase of the elderly population in the world
• The need for the elderly and the handicapped to be treated in different environments.