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⦁ Insurance firm recommendation, social environment recommendation, the media and the internet.
⦁ Insurance firm guidance, International intermediary organizations.
⦁ Filling in forms. Provision of earlier medical records, notification on the treatment procedures.
⦁ Arrival at the health facility.
⦁ Personal case manager contact.
⦁ Performance of the treatment procedure.
⦁ Determining the traveling schedules, visa procedures, transportation and accommodation organization.
⦁ Medical briefing prior to procedure.


⦁ Hospital follow-up for potential early period complications.
⦁ If necessary, provision of rehabilitation services.
⦁ Discharge procedure, report and, if necessary, prescription.
⦁ Provision of touristic accommodation, upon demand.
⦁ Return organization.
⦁ Receipt of feedback.

Activity Fields

⦁ Health Services
⦁ Accommodation services
⦁ Travel services
⦁ Evaluation of special requests
⦁ Information sharing

Are you looking for a Remedy or Solution?

⦁ Please contact us; we will be listening to you.
⦁ We will inform you in writing about the way to be followed, by mail and sms following the interview.
⦁ We will first listen to you with our specialist team, and request your laboratory results and your doctor’s opinion.
⦁ Then, we will determine the most feasible conditions, hospital and doctor in Turkey together with you.
⦁ And we will start our healing journey by signing our contract.

Travel – Transportation

⦁ Organization will be made to greet you, and transport you to the necessary locations in your Healing journey safely and on time by the necessary transportation vehicles (taxi, VIP service, airplane, helicopter, yacht at.) and communication means, and notified to you instantaneously.
⦁ We will be with you from the time you start your Healing journey and up to the time you return home.

Nutrition – Accommodation

⦁ You will be within a comfortable organization with restaurant and hotel services, at the quality and luxury you desire, during your treatment process.
⦁ Your companions may continue their life with peace of mind in a qualified environment, while you are safely treated.

Hospital – Therapy Centers

⦁ Turkey has the best hospitals and doctors within the scope of health investments. The best hospital and healthcare facility for you in your Healing journey will be determined. Services are provided primarily in Istanbul and in all provinces you may define.
⦁ You may obtain services from Private and Public hospitals.


⦁ Services are provided in all tourism regions that may be requested by you and your companions in order to evaluate your time well during your Healing journey.
⦁ İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Muğla, Kapadokya, Denizli, Kayseri, Trabzon, Mardin, Hatay, and Sakarya house the leading tourism facilities and are ready for your use.

Post-Treatment Follow-up

⦁ It will be ensured that the treatment you have received during your Healing journey is continued to be followed-up and controlled through communication

Arrangement of Transportation   (1 – 2 hour(s))

Arrangement of Visa                   (1 – 5 day(s))

Diagnosis                                    (1 – 24 hour(s))

Treatment                                   (3 hours – 30 days)

Accommodation Period              (1 – 30 day(s))

Food Delivery Service                (1 – 3 hour(s))

Post-treatment Follow up           (1 day)