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Humanity has been in pursuit of solution and healing for centuries.
This pursuit has not only ensured development but has also brought along many innovations.
Yes, healing has been achieved in one way or another.
The geographic location of Turkey has increased its geopolitical importance, and has positioned our country at a spot where there is intense historical flow and information sharing. This circumstance has carried the number and quality of scientists to a good level.
The ability to provide fundamental living principles such as nutrition, sheltering, safety, communication, transportation at the highest level is among the most important elements that support a qualified life and ensure reproduction. And “communication” leads among these!
Mankind has reached the sought solutions and healing with clearer results by using communication.
Another heading is observed to be “transportation”.
All living creatures have maintained their activities as long as they were able to arrive at and be transported to where they needed since the establishment of our world.
These fundamental principles have taken shape so nicely in our country!
It has managed to harbor air, land, sea and railway transportation, means of communication provided by top-end technology, rich cuisine, comfortable hotels, best hospitals in its region, hospitable, reliable and warm people, developed universities and scientists, a stable and industrious social and political structure in the best way.
The desired efficient result is achieved by enjoying and allowing others to enjoy these attainments in a qualified manner.
HCWS offers these requirements for your service by assuming one of the most effective roles in the pursuit of solution and healing of humanity.
We are here for the benefit of all people in the world.
Welcome to solution and healing with HCWS.
Health Consulting With Solutions

We may summarize our vision as being a respected establishment that acts rationally and effectively, quickly, qualified and with social responsibility in human focused services, and is trusted by the society. We may also express our vision as to ensuring that the benefit of the development and establishment of health tourism in our country with these attributes is understood. We aim to become an establishment that befits our country and the world in our sector with respect to technology and quality, by increasing and expanding experience and know-how.




Making researches in the field of health tourism, within a qualified, fair, human-focused system.
Preparing reports, participate in fairs and publicity organizations. 
Offering effective services in our field. 
Cooperating with institutions and organizations related with health tourism.
Developing Health Tourism, ensure coordination with all organizations in order to contribute in our country tourism and promotion activities.
To follow up on the developments in our sector closely and improve all processes that affect our company success and the quality of our services.
Strengthening the country’s image abroad by ensuring the effective introduction of Turkey’s health capacity, opportunities and potential.
Developing and contributing to the strategy for increasing the quality and standard of health services offered abroad.
To assume the leading position in health services export and public/private sector coordination within the country.
Providing strategic actions to reduce the current account deficit by carrying out strategic activities within the scope of the indigenization project on pharmaceuticals, medilcal devices and materials.