القائمة إغلاق

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Health Tourists Guide To Turkey:

So, you have booked your flight, contacted your health consultant and your operation is ready and waiting for you. Yet you wonder what you should look out for, HCWS is here to help out.
We know, most of this information will be common sense, but it never hurts to double check.

Don’t get cheated:

We can almost hear you rolling your eyes and saying “Duh!”, but keep reading.
Republic of Turkey does not have a widespread language that everybody is expected to know like English is, although learning English is a major part of the education system, there are moments a tourist would find himself hard-pressed to find fluent communication.

No matter how developed or under-developed a country is, there will always be people lying in wait to cheat an unwitting tourist, almost to the point that it has become a part of how world works at this point.

There are some particularly important things you should look out for, first of all being taxis.



Boy, oh boy. Where do we start?
Istanbul is a very crowded and overpopulated city, while part of it’s charm comes from this incredible variety in it’s inhabitants and it’s ever-awake nature, it also means the roads will always be a tad convoluted to navigate with crowded traffic.

While public transportation is very prevalent, sometimes you are going to be in a rush, as is the inevitable outcome of residing in a metropolis. Of course your first choice will have to be a taxi.
If you have ever been to Germany, you will know no other taxi knows city roads better than a Turkish taxi, but it is very easy to inflate cab fares against an unwitting tourist thanks to the serpentine streets and convoluted roads.

Always know where you are going, always know which is the shortest route and always insist on the route you have picked and watch your GPS. Using apps like BiTaksi will also help you out as they show the estimated total of your cab ride and lets you keep watch of your route via GPS.


Do not work with anyone without a degree:

Now this one is quite literally a vital thing to look out for. Especially when it comes to surgery of any kind, if you are not directly working with an accredited hospital or a health tourism consultancy service (which is very much not recommended), you should always look for legitimate university degrees, government approvals and it doesn’t hurt to conduct a research on whom you’re going to work with.

Do NOT under any circumstance take a gamble and work with a phsyician or surgeon that cannot show you a valid degree, government approval or accreditation. No matter how cheap, safe or fast he or she promises it will be. Chances are, your body will get damaged and fixing that will be expensive, slow and most likely painful. If it can be fixed in the first place that is.

Do not let vendors inflate prices when they realize you’re a tourist:

Grabbing souvenirs is fun. Getting swindled isn’t.
This is more common than we would like to admit. It’s ugly but it happens, if the price you’re given sounds too much for a product, it most likely is.

It’s good to have someone around who knows Turkish:

We offer services for accompaniment and translation, feel free to call upon us. Coordinators work solely for this purpose, helping you.