Menü Kapat

“The World’s Best in Health is Türkiye.”

Why Us?

The cure you need, the care we give


No matter where you are or where you have to be, we can reach you and set you on your way. Reach the solutions you need with HCWS professionality and THY quality.


We offer you the most professional, experienced, highest quality service available within our network of partnered hospitals and doctors all across Turkey.


Comfort is paramount during the recovery period! We welcome you in the most luxurious hotels and carry on the spirit of famed Turkish hospitality.

Service Areas

Whatever it is you want to get rid of, change, transform or glamourize; you have everything from medical surgery to consultancy, from plastic surgery to dental health at your service.

Tourism Tours

You have come all this way, got treated, done everything to set sail into a healthier life. Now it’s time to enjoy it, let us introduce you the pulse of history, Republic of Turkey.